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The truth is a trap … you cannot get the truth by capturing it, only by its capturing you. — Søren Kierkegaard, Journals.

Heidegger, Taoism, and C.S. Lewis Can Fix It

My conceptions of what law school would entail — of what the law is — was shaped largely by all the movies and TV shows based on law and legal issues. Of course, as I grew older and actually started to seriously consider going to law school, I knew that these were going to be obvious misrepresentations and cinematized versions of the legal profession. However, I didn’t expect the reality to be quite so… stale.

In one of my classes the other day, my professor proclaimed “the law is alive!” with great drama (even over Zoom.) But it doesn’t feel…

Towards The Old Fashioned Way

Most of us are writing in a language we don’t understand. Every letter we type onto our screens relies on a multitude of languages to become the language we actually know and think we are writing in. From binary 1s and 0s to the various languages of code that make up the operating systems and applications we use on a daily basis.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Most of us are communicating with a method we don’t understand, too. When I tweet, who will see it? My followers? They might, depending on how many people they’re following. But no doubt, that tweet is processed through…

A Review of Taylor Swift’s “Folklore,” Through a Review Without a View

The question is both “what is a review?” but also “what is it a review should be?” It appears there is some gap between the two at present, the answers inching apart like two tectonic plates destined to be further away than they were yesterday, each day, until we forget they ever, many decades ago, before we even existed ourselves, might just have touched and been indistinguishable.

To understand what the review is today, we must understand what re-view is and has been. The word in its current meaning dates back to at least the 1640s, meaning a “general examination…

It Won’t Stop Until Medium Readers Start Seeing Through His Lies

Umair Haque sees a lot of success on the Medium platform, and for good reason.

Wait… no, sorry. Let me start again.

Umair Haque sees a lot of success on the Medium platform, and for no damn good reason at all, and despite his intrepid insistence on filling his articles with drivel and nonsense.

Think I’m being too harsh? Let’s look at a recent article, How Britain Became the Dumbest Society in the World.

The Facts

Umair paints a picture of England pre-Brexit that’s as quaint and rosy and The Great British Bake-off, but is a far cry from the reality of…

This is absolutely ridiculous.

So nobody gets the wrong idea, let my first offer the points with which I absolutely agree with you:

1. The death of Sarah Everard was horrific, terrible, and tragic.

2. The police's response to mourners and peaceful protestors was absolutely wrong.

3. The new crime bill is not good. It should not pass.

But that's it. Pretty much everything else you write is wrong. And I'm not writing this dissent because I'm some conservative who hates you, but because real and genuine progress will never happen when liberal voices hysterically catastrophize the reality of an…

I am aware that you have come from an evangelical background. There is much to be said about what you've written, and I've gone through a similar experience myself. I moved to an area for school that--while full of churches--never had what I was looking for. So I didn't really go.

Similarly to you, COVID only confirmed my absence from church for a long time.

And I agree with your conclusion to some extent, but I'll offer my differences here:

I would argue church attendance is essential for spiritual health. But this does not mean every church is essentiial–or even…

How Politics Corrupted Political Ideals

One of the staples of conservatism is small government. Police budgets are created with tax-payer money. The majority of departments in the US are not dealing with high rates of crime. The majority of departments in the US are over-funded, and spend needlessly. A 2017 Ford Explorer doesn’t need to be replaced with a 2020 Ford Explorer.

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

The politicization over the #defundthepolice movement has not only got liberals chanting for a conservative ideal, but also has conservatives fighting for precisely what they don’t want: big government.

Conservatives should be looking for lower taxes and efficient, productive, and intelligent spending of…

by Chalisa Sims

This paper analyzes how Plyler v. Doe could be extended thus bringing the DREAM Act into fruition and increasing the access of higher education to immigrant students. The analysis follows Plyler’s four part reasoning for why it is unconstitutional to deny undocumented children access to primary and secondary education. The four parts are categorized as 1) persons not citizens 2) rationality 3) same benefits afforded to residents 4) compelling state interest. The first categorization focuses on how The Equal Protection Clause uses the word “persons” and not citizens. The second considers whether the discrimination of immigrant students is rational. The…

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